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At UPG, we care about your health and we’re proud to provide you with the BeWell program and resources to help you along your personal wellness journey. In January of 2016, UVA Health System launched the first phase of BeWell. We are excited to announce that this year, UPG is inviting all employees (and their spouses covered on the UPG Health Plan) to participate in BeWell.

BeWell is a wellness movement to encourage you to begin, or continue, your wellness journey, and works in conjunction with UPG LiveWell programs and activities, as well as utilizes the resources and educational material available here in The Preventive Plan portal. As a participant in the program, you’ll work directly with a Patient Advocate who will help remove barriers and provide resources and tools to assist you in achieving your health goals. If you fully participate in BeWell you can earn up to $1,000 (you must be actively employed and earning a paycheck at the time of the reward payout).

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Personalized Preventive Plan

Program Overview

According to the CDC, one out of every two adults has at least one chronic illness, many of which are preventable. Prevention is the best medicine for your health, quality of life and prosperity. U.S. Preventive Medicine (USPM) and the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute (CCWI) have partnered to offer The Preventive Plan™ . This program provides a mobile-friendly website, personal health coaching, and strategies for you to get and stay healthy. As you participate, earn points toward your Preventive Score and improve your health and wellbeing.


Personalized Preventive Plan

Plan Overview

The Preventive Plan helps you measure and track your top health risks, then provides a personalized plan of action to help reduce health risks, prevent disease, and manage chronic conditions. The plan is based on the clinical science of preventive medicine and is designed to help you be your healthiest!

Whether you’re in great shape or need some work, we meet you where you are and provide you with a personalized plan to help you be your best. The plan has a vast number of health resources available to you, from Health & Wellness Advisors, eHealth Coaches, and Registered Nurses to comprehensive tracking and preventive screening recommendations as well as interactive educational programs.

Personalized Preventive Plan

The Preventive Plan offers

✓ A customized, evidence-based Preventive Schedule
✓ A detailed Preventive Plan
✓ Incentive and Preventive Score tracking
✓ Wearable device tracking (activity, biometrics, nutrition)
✓ Health coaching
✓ Healthy Habits
✓ A personalized health dashboard
✓ A health log
✓ Learning programs
✓ Daily tips
✓ Video content
✓ Searchable health library
✓ Nutrition & wellness content

Joining is easy. Complete the four steps to enjoy the health and financial benefits of the Preventive Plan!

Personalized Preventive Plan

4 Initial Steps

Step 1

Register to participate in the Preventive Plan

Complete the online registration form.

Personalized Preventive Plan

4 Initial Steps

Step 2

Log In and Complete Health & Wellbeing Assessment (HWA)

After you complete your online registration, you will have a personalized login into the Preventive Plan website. Once logged in, you will start with an online Health and Wellbeing Assessment (HWA). The HWA is a digital questionnaire that should only take about 15 minutes to complete. Your answers are strictly confidential and will not be shared with your employer. Please answer them honestly so that we can develop the best plan that meets you where you are on your health journey.

Personalized Preventive Plan

4 Initial Steps

Step 3

Complete Bloodwork and Biometrics

The next step is to schedule and complete your bloodwork. The screening will include either a finger-stick or venipuncture blood test, height, weight, waist circumference and blood pressure reading. A 10 – 12 hour fast prior to the screening is required. Your employer will help arrange the testing either on-site at your workplace or directly with a laboratory. Again, your results are strictly confidential and will not be shared with your employer. USPM will combine your lab and biometric readings with your HWA answers to complete your personalized Preventive Plan.

Personalized Preventive Plan

4 Initial Steps

Step 4

Call a USPM Health and Wellness Advisor

The next step is to call a USPM Health and Wellness Advisor to discuss the results of your lab work and review your Preventive Plan. Our advisors are prepared to discuss risks, challenges, goal setting and more…all designed to help you make long-lasting improvements in your health and wellbeing. In addition, our advisors can direct you to specific eCoaching programs from the Cleveland Clinic as well as a registered nurse for chronic conditions.

Personalized Preventive Plan

Ongoing - Maximize Your Results

Once you have started and are on the Preventive Plan, you will receive a personalized plan of action and step-by-step clinical guidance to reduce your health risks and keep you engaged on your wellbeing journey. You will enjoy activities that earn points toward your Preventive Score and track your progress toward incentives. The more you do, the higher your score! Also, the more you do, the greater your opportunity to earn incentives.

Get started today and enjoy all the health and financial benefits of becoming a member! Your health is your most important asset. Engage now and add life to your years and years to your life!

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